Wedding and function venues

KTB Planning have been engaged to work on a number of projects which involve wedding and function venues. These projects allow KTB to enable clients to create a quality venue for all to enjoy. These types of projects often involve working with external experts such as Traffic and Acoustic Engineers to achieve the best outcomes.

Willowbrook Park Wedding Venue

Willowbrook Park is a boutique wedding and functions venue situated at Vaile Road, near Hamilton. The venue features a Georgian manor, carriage house and chapel set amongst six hectares of new English style gardens. KTB Planning has recently gained resource consent for the wedding and functions venue which is currently under construction. The resource consent was granted on a non-notified basis.

The Red Barn - Wedding and Function Venue

Due to the thriving success of this local business KTB Planning were recently engaged to apply for a variation to resource consent conditions to allow The Red Barn to increase their event numbers. This change to conditions has allowed the business to meet the increased demand for quality venues in the Waikato Region

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