Local Authority Infrastructure Projects

KTB has been engaged by a number of local authorities to apply for resource consent for new or upgraded local infrastructure. These have included new car parks, toilet blocks, skate parks and school sports facilities.

Thames High School Sports Facility

KTB Planning was engaged by the Ministry of Education to develop an outline plan for a designated site at Thames High School in Thames. The outline plan was for a new indoor sports facility, the associated on site works and a car park across the road from the sports centre. The sports centre will provide both the Thames High School and the wider Thames community with a high class facility for sporting activities and events. A resource consent was also required due to infringements of the Thames-Coromandel District Plan standards. This process required KTB to develop an outline plan and concurrent resource consent application, complete consultation with affected landowners and confirm the design of the building with the applicant and architect.

Thames Skate Park

KTB was engaged by Thames-Coromandel District Council to obtain the necessary resource consent to construct a skate park and relocate an existing public toilet at Porritt Park, Queen Street, Thames. The proposed skate park will provide an improved location for a leisure activity which has been long desired by the youth of Thames. When preparing the application for the skate park it was important to consider a wide range of aspects including safety and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. The project also involved consultation with adjoining occupiers and owners as well as iwi authority Ngati Maru and the New Zealand Transport Agency (as the site is located adjacent to State Highway 25).

Silverton Road Car Park, Waihi

Hauraki District Council acknowledged the existing safety and efficiency issues with the layout and design of the Silverton Road car park. The carpark is used as overflow parking from the
surrounding business areas and the recent development of the Waihi Library and Medical Centre increased the demand for parking. KTB Planning were engaged by Hauraki District Council to prepare and lodge a resource consent for the redevelopment of the car park. This process required close consultation with NZTA and the Hauraki District Council Roading Manager and Planners.

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