Local Authority Contracts

KTB Planning are regularly engaged by District, City and Regional Authorities. We have contracts to process consents on behalf of Thames-Coromandel District Council, Auckland Council and Waikato Regional Council. We also do work with Waikato Regional Council in their Infrastructure and Coastal Monitoring departments

Auckland Council - Consent Processing - Multi-Unit Apartments

KTB Planning has a contract to process a variety of resource consents on behalf of Auckland Council. These have included a number of Multi-Unit Apartment buildings which demonstrates an attempt to meet the large housing shortage in Auckland.

Thames-Coromandel District Council Consent Processing - 76 Lot Subdivision Consent

KTB Planning were engaged by Thames-Coromandel District Council to process this 76 Lot Subdivision Consent in Opito Bay. Acting on behalf of Council we were required to assess the application and make our recommendation.

Waikato Regional Council - Variation 6 - Farm Water Takes

Variation 6 (water allocation) of the Waikato Regional Plan introduced a set of rules governing the way that ground and surface water is taken and used across the Waikato region. As a result of the variation an extremely high number of application were lodged with the Regional Council. KTB Planning were engaged to assist the Regional Council by processing bulk numbers of both ground water and syrface water applications.

Waikato Regional Council - Coastal Monitoring

KTB Planning have recently been engaged by the Coastal Team at Waikato Regional Council to assist with the monitoring of existing resource consents for coastal structures in the region. This will involve undertaking site visits to view the structure and determine the level of consent compliance achieved. The majority of the sites are within the Coromandel Area.

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