Home Occupations

Most Councils in New Zealand will allow you to operate a small business from your home as long as it meets certain criteria. They may control the types of businesses that can be run, the number of staff and operation hours. However, this activity is a good way to allow small businesses to develop in towns when getting into commercial space in the town center is not viable.

Human Resource Company - Cambridge

KTB Planning were engaged by a human resources company which specialises in employment relations, HR policy, recruitment and payroll. They were operating as a home occupation from the business owners residence. However, due to the success of the business they have visions of growing organically to include up to four staff members. KTB Planning applied for a resource consent to allow the business owner to increase the viability and productivity of their business. Consultation with neighboring landowners was required to ensure that there were no objections to the increase in staff numbers. Consent was granted and the applicant has recently been completing upgrades to her facilities to allow for the expansion.

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