Coastal/Marine Projects

KTB is regularly involved in the investigation, development and project management of various coastal projects maintenance dredging activities for boat channels, beach dune replenishment, structures within the coastal marine area such as wharfs and jetties and the redevelopment of an aquaculture facility in the Coromandel (paua farm).

Whangamata Channel Maintenance Dredging and Beach Nourishment

The coastal permit and land use consent process involved the application to dredge clean marine sand from the Whangamata Marina boat access channel. This material is then used to nourish the south western harbour beaches of Whangamata along Beach Road. Beach nourishment enables the clean marine sands to remain within the active sediment transport systems whilst improving beach amenity and helping to prevent further beach erosion.

Log Loading Facility – Marlborough Sounds

In 2014, KTB Planning Consultants were engaged by Rayonier Matariki Forests Limited to obtain the necessary land use and coastal consents for the Opua Bay barge log loading facility in the Marlborough Sounds. The consent resulted in the removal of a significant number of logging trucks from roads within the Sounds, as logs from the surrounding forestry could now be transported via barge from the loading facility to Picton. The reduction in logging trucks from local roads created a safer environment for local communities, particularly around a number of schools. The project also involved consultation with local Iwi groups, the Department of Conservation and local authority (Council) staff.

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