Managing weeds in the Gully

With the success of the planting of the northern side of the gully came the increasedneed for weed control. Once the plantings are established they will shade many of the weeds, which will die out. Until then, weeds have to be manually controlled.

Weeds in thegully include exotic grasses, blackberry and nightshade. These unwantedplants can all grow rapidly and smother the native plantings, therefore they have to be controlled.

Large weeds,such as the blackberry patches, are sprayed by a non-residual herbicide such asglyphosate. The use of glyphosate allows dead plant matter to be planteddirectly into, and in some situations, it can also act as mulch for the newplants.

The photo below shows two patches of blackberry (brown patches) after spraying on the southern side of the gully.


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