Planting of the Northern Gully Slopes

The first planting 2010

Planting of the northern bank began in winter 2010. The plants were probably a bit small butKarl thought that they were better off in the ground rather than trying to keep them alive in the shade house through another drought. The dominant plant in thereplanting project was Coprosma robusta (pictured).

The subsequentsummer growth of grass and weeds could smother the young native plantsif not controlled. Old carpet was placed around the base of trees to prevent the plants getting smothered.  This worked well and the natural fibre of the wool carpet decomposed within 12-18months.  Where carpet was not used the weeds had to be sprayed or manually ‘released’ aroundthe base of the young plants. This was hard work on the steep gully slope.

After12 months, in winter 2011, the plants were well established and looking likethey would survive. After 18 months, in summer 2012, the plants wereprogressing well. The summer was wet and warm and by winter 2012, the plantshad exploded. Their growth now almost fully covered the northern banks of thegully.


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