Plant selection

Selecting native plants for the Kaipaki Gully

Native plant species vary from region to region. They also differ in where they are most happy growing, from hills to gullys to peat lakes. Whenplanning a restoration project, it is best to plant species which have beensourced from naturally occurring vegetation close to where they will bereplanted. This practice is called ecosourcing and is important as it meansplants will be suited to local conditions, more likely to survive and lesslikely to become invasive.

For the Kaipaki Gully project, the speciesinclude karamu, cabbage trees, kowhai, kanuka, akeake, five finger, toetoe and flax.

The following links provide information on ecosourcing andwhat to plant in your area:
DoC's guide to ecosourcing seeds

DoC's local planting guides

Forest Flora planting guide

Waikato Regional Council Planting Guide


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