Propogating Natives for Gully Restration

The Nursery - 2009 - 2012

Karl established a small native plant nursery to propagate plants for the gully restoration project. Propagating your own plants helps to keeps costs down, as many speciescan be grown by way of cuttings, germination or division. Pots can be reusedfrom old store brought plants, or you can use old newspaper or plastic bottles,as long as good drainage is provided.

Snail and slug control was vital and a lot of seedlings were lost by these munching critters.

Trays of seedlings (x100's) were also purchased from local plant nurseries which were then 'pricked out' and re-potted.  This was more effective than germinating seeds directly as it reduced the potential for snails and slugs to munch the freshly germinated seeds. 

Approximately 1000 plants were grown in Karls nursery.

The following links provide information on propagating yourown plants:

DoC's guide to growing seeds

Planting Natives in the Waikato Region


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