Felling the Pines (2010)

Removing the Pines in the Kaipaki Gully Project

By 2010 and after attempts by Karl at DIY removal of the pine trees, a 20 tonneexcavator was brought in. The excavator made quick work of removing the pinetrees and around 350 pine trees were removed from the gully and taken to the Kinleith Pulp and Paper Mill in Tokoroa.

At the Kinleith Mill pulp is used to make printing & writing paper, tissue and corrugated cases. Kinleith is Carter Holt Harveys largest mill, producing over 600,000 tonnes per year of packaging papers and bleached softwood pulp. Radiata Pine, such as that removed from the gully and grown in plantation forests around New Zealand, is the key fibre source.

Now that the pine trees were removed, the north eastern section of the gully was ready to be planted in native seedlings. Karl had previously fenced thegully, which was used as grazing for stock before he owned the property and was growing native seedlings in a home nursery, ready to be planted out given the right conditions.


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