Kaipaki Gully Restoration

The beginning (2007)

For the past 7 years, KTB Planning has been involved in a gully restoration project. This project has sought toenhance the habitat for native flora and fauna, as well as educate landowners of the benefits of retirement and active management of our waterways.

The gully, a tributary of the Te Maire Stream, was planted in pines (Pinus radiata) and various exotic treesand showing the effects of erosion when KTB’s Director, Karl Baldwin, first brought the propertyin 2007.

The approximately 350 pines were about 12-13 years old atthe time. It is likely they were planted for erosion control purposes along thesteep bank of the gully.  Unfortunatelythey were never pruned and not even of firewood quality.

As with many gully areas in the Waikato, the ecosystem was highly modified and required a large amount of restoration before it would become a valuable native ecosystem again.


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